WHY this Conference?

Being a representative responsible for enrolling an audience for an event is a job, but when “something” begins to creep under my skin and edge its way into my heart, it then becomes so much more than just a job. It’s more challenging in a sense because I care about the outcome not just from “a job well done” place, but because I care…I care about the mission; building a community that is so connected, yet diverse, anchored to a common calling that will ultimately change lives through healing, save families, and promote a caring, educated society. I care deeply about the outcome of this conference— it has become personal.

I was having a conversation with my partner this morning about this blog. We want this blog to be a platform for all that are aligned on changing the stigma around mental illness, and who are wanting to be a part of  healing the generations, literally.  We want to know why it is important to you. Why is it personal?

There is something so much bigger than ourselves happening here. And when I say “ourselves” I’m not just eluding to the individual, but I am including families, organizations, schools, hospitals, healthcare professionals, and government. WE are ALL in this together. TOGETHER, in educating our society about trauma and the mental and physical integrative approaches available for healing children, adults and families. The “We” has far more power and influence vs. the “Me”. A mentor of mine said, “There is far more strength, power and heat in one ginormous raging inferno, than several little camp fires that barely keeps our toes warm.”  Every speaker and presenter attending the conference is aligned on this one belief, “YOU ARE NOT ALONE and YOU MATTER!”

Being a survivor of childhood trauma, I grew up longing to to fit in, to be noticed, and to belong.  Loneliness and isolation tear down the human spirit at it’s core, and many of us are not as lucky as I have been to turn my personal story into a “Divine Trauma” to quote my business partner Monica Rodgers.  This is why I am so invested in this conference being well attended.  It’s become personal…we need each other…to make a difference.

“WE” builds a bigger awareness and grows more compassion that will help heal OUR generations.

Please comment and share your thoughts and stories here…be a part of the conversation.  To register for this years Child and Family Trauma Conference please click here.


To more being revealed,


Andrea Willets, CPCC

Clifford Beers Clinic Representative