Touching the Lives of Children and their Families and Healing Community Trauma

Many of us are gearing up for our most important conference of the year; The 5th Annual Child Trauma Conference, happening this coming Oct. 2013 in Mystic Connecticut.

Our participants will come from area’s far and wide to participate in a weekend long conversation and workshop series brought to you by the foremost professionals on the cutting edge of healing trauma;  in our children, their families, and our communities.  The sheer importance of such an event blows my mind because the quality of care these families receive is directly proportional to how up to date their care-givers are on the latest treatment options.

Are you an area professional whose work touches the lives of children and their families?

Your work is vital to helping children and their families heal, and in doing so, your work is actually changing the lives of thousands.  Each child that has an opportunity to heal will in turn, help others heal, and it all began with you, and your commitment to making a difference in the world.  You are the most important asset our communities have.

Please consider joining this year for our regional conference so that we can update you on how you can make an even greater impact with your work and in the community you serve.   To learn more – please visit our registration page at 


Monica Rodgers